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Are you a Hunter or a Farmer? How One Man Changed His and His Family’s Lives Forever by Becoming an Investor

Ug and Ook were friends. It was 8000 BC and life was difficult. They were hunters and every time they got hungry, they had to kill something.

Ug was a very good hunter and provided for his family. His children followed his example. Now hunting was a difficult life. You have to move to follow the game and you hope that you don’t actually become the meal yourself. Ug aged quickly and soon had to be left behind on the hunts. His family hated to leave him, but hunting was all they knew. Ug was now barely surviving and soon realized that his children’s future would probably be no better than his…

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Real Estate Investing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

If you live anywhere near the Arlington Area in Jacksonville Florida, you may have seen an elderly tall and slender African-American gentleman, with a neatly trimmed beard and Oakley shades jogging slowly along the sidewalk. I have been observing this gentleman for several years. I have never seen him run fast, but have seen him running in the rain, bitter cold and scorching heat – always at the same steady slow pace. I have often thought I would like to talk with him, to understand what motivates him to such consistency. I would be very surprised to learn that his life is anything but a story of success, based on overcoming adversity and simply refusing to quit or to fail. The fact is – success of any kind is a marathon, not a sprint. Nowhere is this truth more applicable than in the real estate investing business.

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