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Our Story

Family Owned

A few years back we begin purchasing distressed properties from homeowners who could no longer afford to keep up with hefty mortgage payments. Since then we have streamlined our process and built a working real estate investment system for purchasing and gaining profit on single family real estate investments. We own and operate a group of family owned companies that we created to encompass the entire real estate investment package.

Having purchased and sold over 500 Jacksonville FL investment houses, our expertise is well proven.


Meet the Partners

"Buying and selling real estate is no different than any other job. If however, you can learn how to utilize real property to create passive income - you can create a bright financial future for yourself and a generous estate to pass on to your heirs. The real key to success is not leveraging money - it's leveraging expertise." - Joe Locklear

Joe Locklear

As a buyer, seller, and owner, Joe has initiated over 500 real estate transactions and has established a reputation as the premier authority on Residential Real Estate Investing in Jacksonville Florida. Declining opportunities to join the "Guru" circuit, Joe maintains a street level involvement in the family's real estate businesses.

Joe is an educator at heart and has taught thousands of real estate investors how to invest in single family homes over the last 30 years. He is past president of The Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association (JaxREIA) and is the current President and lead educator of the Professional Real Estate Investors Association (ProREIA).

Adam Locklear

Adam has been part of the real estate investment business since the age of 16. He learned at a young age how to purchase, renovate and rent investment homes to achieve monthly cash flow and build equity for retirement. After graduating business school he founded his first real estate brokerage and began purchasing bank owned properties. As a wholesale expert specializing in the low to mid markets, he has closed on more than 300 deals in the past 8 years.

He has worked hard to build a business focused on real estate investors in need of professional real estate services. He has experience working with landlords and investors from all over the U.S, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. He currently manages a large portfolio of investment properties and has extensive experience in retail property and distressed single family sales.

When he is not chipping away at real estate investing he enjoys spending quality time with his family and is an avid surfer.