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Investor Case Studies

Below you will find actual investment properties that were purchased by Joe and Adam Locklear with Locklear Real Estate Partners. These properties were sold to real estate investors who purchased each property to receive a healthy return on their investment in the form of positive cash flow every month.

These properties were all renovated and are now professionally managed. The owners do not invest in a real estate investment fund. They actually own the property and have equity build up as well.


Joe and Adam have personally worked with over 100 investors during the past 7 years. They are leading experts on Single Family Investment Properties in Jacksonville, Florida.

They educate investors on how to achieve high returns by maximizing cash flow.

Please review these case studies and contact Joe & Adam for more information on how to purchase your own investment property and build a cash flowing rental portfolio.

Investment Disclaimer: Please note that these are typical investment property examples by investors who have purchased properties from Locklear Real Estate Partners. Real estate investing poses potential risks just like any other investment vehicle available to consumers. Investment returns are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to conduct due diligence for any investment property purchased with the intent of receiving a positive return on funds invested.